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Could use a hand

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Hey guys. I could use a little help puttin the oil pump into the RC. I am just a little intimidated by digging into the internals of my engine. Of course you all know I will provide the beverages and lunch. I would like to do this within the next couple of weeks, before the summer kicks into high gear. We could also use it as a chance to get the chapter together and maybe coordinate a run up to Crown King in the near future, before it gets too hot. Thanks everyone!!!

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i'm there man, not sure how much help i'll be though ;D
Set a date ,long drive for me,but I've done stranger things lately...........
My choice of parts;Felpro gaskets,Melling oil pump,part# M72HV.....some other cheapy ones use the same part number ,so make sure it has Melling on the box.Of all the pumps I've used over the years,this is the only one that has not failed me. Just my 2 cents.............
Cool Mav, thanks for the offer. I will probably be doing it on Sunday the 25th. If you want to come out and help, which would be much appreciated, just give me a call 623-478-8641 or just post on here and I will get you some directions. Thanks again.

By the way, I could still use some more hands. Or mouths to stand around and b.s. like we usually do at these things!!

I am not allowed to play on Sundays.....mommy says no.
Any date......But that one. Already promised a buddy to help him do a trans swap(Manual to Auto) on his chebby.Sorry I can't make It ,but I'm just an email away........
Hey Mav, send me your email address, it's not in your profile. I can do it on Saturday, but it would have to be in the morning, I have some place to be at 2:00. Just email me your info and I am sure we can get something worked out.
Alright, change of plans. I had something come up this weekend so I can't do it. It will have to be next weekend on the 31st or the 1st. It can be anytime either day, doesn't matter to me. I would probably rather do it on Saturday so I can do a little wheelin on Sunday. Anybody interested, email me [email protected] and I'll send you my number and directions. Come BS and get some free pizza.

Well, what was the out come?
We got it changed out. It was a little easer than I had thought it would be. The hardest part was getting the old gasket off of the pan. We started at about 11:00 or so on Saturday. Bill showed up right as I was making room in the garage to move around. Once I got the pan drained and unbolted and was completely covered in grease, Nick (AZ-TD) decided to call my cell phone. He came by a few minutes later and we didn't get much accomplished after that. I needed a better scraper to get off the old gasket. So we bs'd for a couple hours. I woke up Sunday, met Bill at the swap meet and then went home and finished everything up. Unfortunately I didn't get to start it up to see if everything is ok. I have to put in a new battery and cables. I started messin with it, but was kinda tired and started getting frustrated with the stripped bolts and decided to finish another day. Over all it was fairly straight forward. The only trouble I had was putting the pan back on, I had a little trouble with the gasket coming out of position and I had to tweak the pickup a little bit. Other than that, it was great. Thanks for the help guys!!!


By the way Mav, how'd the tranny swap and highway clean up go??
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The highway part went good,trans swap bites,no 2 gear.Tryed another valvebody last night, just need to put fluid back in it a try it.If that doesn't work,my tranny man is going to lose his knee caps..................
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