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I picked this up from a friend who works for an audio shop and who installs them for a living for $300 brand new, retail price is about $500-600. This thing is AWESOME, its everything i can ever ask for in an alarm, you have:
  • audible chirp alert that is extremely loud (you can turn it on/off with a button on the remote)
  • 2 Way pager which lets you know if your vehicle is getting broken into
  • Page mode(the truck has a sensor on the windshield, and if you tap it, the alarm pages the owner on the 2 way remote letting them know someone is waiting
  • Auto Start with Starter kill
Its super easy to use, a little getting used to it for me seeings how my last "alarm" was 2 buttons, Unlock/lock and Start/Shut off. The pager lets you know whether or not the vehicle is armed or unarmed, whether the chirp is on or off, and whether the shock sensor is enabled or not. You can find out a little more at
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