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Maybe there are cast spacers, but I've only heard of the molded Daystars like Mohammad has, and the plate built steel pieces that Tuff Country sells. The steel ones sell for about $130. I'm getting a set for my truck, I hope they don't rattle like Mohammad mentioned. If they do, I guess I can pull them rubber coat them.

From what I've heard, spring compressors are never needed to do the job (remember, I haven't done mine yet). I believe that the prescribed method says to disconnect the shocks (duh), sway bar, and trac bar. I helped a buddy do a 2" spacer lift on a '00 Jeep TJ that is basically the same thing, just smaller. We pulled the shocks, sway bar, and track bar. Other than the trac bar being a pain to reconnect, it wasn't hard. I've talked to Mohammad about this and I'll probably just use the bottle jack method.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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