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clutch parts(chump)

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ok i have a lever or rod with a forked end and a threaded end that attaches my clutch fork and my petal assembly, i have stripped and bent the rod and now need a replacement one, and also the cone nut that goes with this where can i find them, or can i build one of my own? if i build it what grade do i use don't want to do this again.
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Do you mean the fork arm that carries the throwout bearing inside the bellhousing, and sticks out far enough to attach to the adjustable (threaded) rod from the linkage bellcrank (lever arms on a tube) ?

Or do you mean the threaded adjustable rod between the bellcrank and the throwout arm?

The easiest way to get another is the JY.
Are you talking about #19 ?

Without actually seeing the nut, I would assume it is some sort of "Stover" style self locking nut and may be available at NAPA or a real good hardware store. Try Mopar first.
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I bet you can still get some of that stuff from a Dodge dealer. I bought #5 from a dealer here last summer.
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