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These are the rules of posting in this section. If you don't follow these rules your post CAN BE DELETED WITHOUT NOTICE.

You must put at least your state in the TITLE of your post, that way people know where it is without having to click in the post. If you don't do this your post will be deleted.

You must reply to questions asked about what you are posting, if you don't check up on your post and answer questions your post will be deleted, i usually give the original poster 2 weeks to reply before i remove the post.

If you are selling something put in a price, otherwise your post will be deleted. this is the ONE rule i am a bit lenient on, i know most people are willing to negotiate a bit with their price, however, if someone asks a price and it is not given, i WILL delete the post.

If you sell the item or find what you are looking for, remove the post. If you can't remove it, ask a mod to remove it for you.

If you would like your post to stay up more than 30 days then please at least come back and bump it to the top, i automatically delete any posts that have had no reply after 30 days

a most are aware, we also have a members feedback board to go along with these classifieds boards. if you do a deal with someone, please take the time and add a comment on the feedback board about the membr and how the deal went. this kind of works like buyer/seller feedback on sites like Ebay.

that way if a member has lots of items and posts them up quite frequently on the classifieds, all a person would have to do is flip over to the feedback board and would then have a good idea of what kind of a person they are doing business with.

thanks alot


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It would also really be nice if you put your Zip Code, if you're not going to put the place name, so interested parties would have a better idea of the miles they are from you...

Thanks, Smokey
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