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Ask is $9500


For Sale: 1987 Dodge Ramcharger Cummins swap. This truck came from South Carolina 2 years ago. It has NO rust. Body panels are all original. Has 54,000 miles. Has nearly new Goodyear wrangler Duratrac tires all around. Nice aftermarket aluminum rims.

Truck was originally a 318/727. It now has a 1997 P-pumped 12 valve cummins mated to a nv4500 5 speed manual and a 205 transfer case. It runs and drives great! Lots of power and tons of torque. Gets a little over 20 mpg. It is intercooled as well. 4x4 works great.

It is 90% done. Needs a few minor things.
Some interior work
Speedometer doesnt work since swap
A pyro gauge maybe. Just some minor tinkering here and there.
This is an awesome and unique little vehicle. Only reason for selling, is I am looking for a w350 first gen cummins. That would be the only thing I would consider for a trade. Otherwise price is $9500.


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