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Don't ask me to go check it out for you - I'd probably buy it for myself. Ask is $2,000.


I have a rear wheel drive Ramcharger for sale. Body does have some rust, but frame is solid. Rebuilt steering gear and power steering pump installed about 6 years ago. The vehicle has a 2 barrel 400cu in V8 that does start and run, but stalls after warming up. I have replaced the coil, pick-up coil, voltage regulator, ballast resistor, plugs, cap, rotor, wires, electronic ignition control module, in-line fuel filter, and carburetor in attempt to fix the issue. None of them have though. I have tested the compression on all of the cylinders, and found that they are all running at about 115 to 125 psi, with the exception of one cylinder running at about 85 psi. I'm not sure how many miles are on the vehicle, as there is no 100,000's digit on the odometer, but I have rolled the odometer over once myself. I have new carpets and new felts for the base of the side windows that go with the vehicle. Vehicle has aftermarket wheels, but original steel wheel go with the vehicle also. I only have the soft top, which is serviceable, but does have a small crack in the rear plastic window.

NOTE: I also have a separate, and so I was told, low mileage rebuilt 440 cu in V8 engine that goes with the vehicle for the right price. It supposedly came out of a rebuilt Ramcharger that was rolled.

There are no warrantees written or expressed for this vehicle. Vehicle is sold as is. Buyer must pay in cash, in person


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