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Chevy 60 up front/14 bolt in rear

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I'm looking into buying a set of axles to possibly go into Big Mo,still hinting around selling it but if I can't get enough $$ I'll just keep him,ah either way heres the question.

Found a set of axles,Chevy Dana 60front(4.56s open diff), 14 bolt rear(4.56s detroit locker) I know the 60 will go in the front with just pulling the springs in a little but would I have to do any other mods? Steering? Brakes? On the 14 bolt rear,will I have to move the spring pads? If so how much and what about brakes on this also. Thinking about doing disk brakes on the back like my buddy has done on his and I really like the idea. What size u-joints are in the stock d-shafts? Might have to get the bastard joints to mate one yoke to the other,I'm also going to put a 4" RCC lift on it,will I have to cut the rear d-shaft to get it to fit or not? Thanks for any help yall!

Ya I know they are Chevy parts,you can flame all you want just as long as you answer the questions :)

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Didn't you just buy some gears for the 1/2 ton stuff? IHMO, the chevy axles are to much work. IIRC, you need new brake lines, D-shafts, U bolts/spring plates, and some relocation of the shocks.
-Steve C.
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