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Chapter Logo Stickers

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Heres the email Jalene (Twister) sent me about the stickers.

Hi Nick,

I will go ahead and provide you a price quote based on the information you've given me, but just a question...has Sam seen your chapter stickers yet? Going off of what he's said in the past, he's preferred to have the chapter stickers 7" round to keep in uniformity with the round RCC stickers. Just a thought...

Based on the image you sent me, and your statement of wanting it double that size, the final product would be 5" x 5". If you're able to provide me with a workable electronic file of the graphic, the price would be $6.25 per sticker. Sam has been asking for a $1 to $2 donation on top of that for the
site. You would just pay me, and I would then forward the donation portion to Sam in the name of the Oregon Chapter. Shipping expenses will depend on the quantity ordered, but you can figure roughly $4 - $6 for shipping (most
likely $4).

For the 7" round chapter stickers, the cost would be $9.62 per sticker,
plus the donation to Sam, plus shipping.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you for your order inquiry.

~ Jalene aka Twister
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That doesnt sound too bad..just reformat it to a circle..or run it by sam as a square..maybe we can get to getother and order a bunch..then new members can just buy them through us??
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