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Chapter Leaders. how to find your folks

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really you only need to do this if your really bored an have noone or no participation on your state chapter.
anyhoo here is how i found out that NV has a bit more than 10 members.

1st go to Members

then pick:
By State/Province

youll see that all the sites members have been reorganized alphabetically by whatever state/province they have chosen in their profile.

Nevada was right around 19

you can see we have about 30 folks. 20 of em rarely post. however i have one on there that is a contributor an i never even see him or hear from him!!!!

what i did next was open up another window to my IM's. i then picked each members name an sent them all an IM an also an e-mail. (that took a little bit of time)
you dont have to send each one a seperate IM you can put it all on one.

when you adress the IM to whoever it goes like this
IM message

New Message

To username:willyjizz, evildriver3, saw960, someone, anyone

Subject: welcome to the NV chapter

yada yada yada

you get the idea i hope.
thats how you can find some extra folks to come play, participate.
ive only had one e-mail returned back to me as invalid an i also included my self in the IM/E-mail to make sure it worked.

It did !!!

i have to thank Sam cuz i have been asking him some dumb questions to figure out how to do this an all the linking an crap!
Thanks Sam

i gotta add this in!
its a quick FYI from Sam

but you may want to add in there that they need to use the members username if it is different then their displayed name. The username is the name they signed up with, the displayed name is the name that shows on the site. They can be different, if someone tries to send an IM to a person that has a different username then displayed name, and they use the displayed name, they will get an error that the member doesn't exist or has them on ignore
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Ha cool my name is on I have been doing this and now have made an excelspead sheet with all South Dakota members names and nany info I could get. I even have a log as to the last time there where oneline.

i used yours an Eds name cuz you fellas are always posting good stuff on the chapter board an it was the first i thought of!

thats pretty good though using the Excell spread!
Thnx for thinking of me. I felt the spead sheet would be the easyest way to keep it updated and easy to use.

I usually go through the members list every couple of weeks. There is something like 50 or so registared users for my area.
I don't think I have ever received anything back.
I think 99% of the list is one time visiters only.
Sorta' need an auto delete after 6 months or so of inactivity.
ya but I think it should be more like 1 year. I always send out messages and e-mails and have only heard back from a few. But I always ask for a receipt that it was opened (from outlook). so In know who is reading them and who isn't. I also track everything I send out.

I just did everyone in CT that I didn't know. Took over an hour and a half!! I/Med and e-mailed EVERYONE I could! Already got 2 people popping onto the chaper!
yup. ive had 2 come back as a bad e-mail addy an i had one guy e-mail me back an say he was glad to know it was active! looks like he will pop in more
got 3 now! Not bad for 2 days!!
glad to see its workin.!!
Just so you know some people use there screen names for there user name and it's also there e-mail address, i caught a few that way, i did the im thing but i trust the e-mail myself for the reason that they are going to check their mail eventually i also recommend titling the e-mail like this: RCC.COM MEMBER Looking for you! and hope it doesn't get deleted and they actually read it.

Between the chapters and doing the new member announcements i find that the best way, you can lead a horse to water, but some are just to stupid to drink.
Evildriver-3 said:
you can lead a horse to water, but some are just to stupid to drink.
ROTFLMAO!!!!! How true it is!! ;D
I just emailed all the Maine members who had an email address listed. There's really only 2 of us who are active on the boards. There's some Maine members who haven't been logged in since 2002.

Yeah it is the same way where i am alot of emebers check in but don't stop back on RCC much if at all it seems . It sucks cuz most of the people are here just not active .
I don't have much of a problem getting members, it's just getting them involved.
I know the whole group isn't into wheeling and offer other activities as an option, but responses to future meets are somewhat dismal.

Check out the Washingon members in the directory. It took a while, but I got word out to everyone that had access to email. Phew! BTW, if you need a standard email invitation form, I have one for you. ;)

Get all your members on a distribution list. It makes it easy to notify everybody in your chapter of an event or something with 1 simple email. :p ;D
You know Willy J., you can probably get in touch with the Nevada members using the "IM" function and/or their email addresses tied to their usernames! Haven't heard from you in a while. Not since we met at A&W in Reno (was that this year?).

Similarly, didn't know anything about the first Como Mine trip until after it happened.
hey willy whats up? when are we gonna have a chapter meet?!
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