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Most bigger trucks do not carry a spare because tires and rims add weight and take up space. Since most trucks are limited by DOT (or your Canadian equivalent) as to how much weight they can carry, the tire is dropped in favor of max weight capacity. Also most trucking companies have national tire accounts and those provide roadside repairs.

You could carry a spare, but consider that truck tires come in three different types for different positions; Steers, Drives, and Trailers. By law you can substitute a drive for a trailer, but you can't put anything other than a Steer in the steer position (Although you can put steers in any other position)

If your truck is small enough that it doesn't use over-the-road type tires, you really don't need a spare. The rear axle is likely a dual tire set-up. If you lose a rear tire, slow down to let the remaining tire cool, you should be able to limp to the nearest tire repair shop on one tire. If you can safely remove the flat then do so to prevent debris from scattering all over the highway.

If you have a front tire flat, you could borrow a rear tire (Unless that front tire is a steer position only tire) and again drive slowly to the nearest tire repair shop.

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