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I am loading up my 3 ton (uhaul) to drive across the country. I am wondering about the wisdom of not having a spare tire(s). The truck did not come with one, and even if it did, I am not sure that it would be wise to try and change it on the side of the road (picturing myself trying to jack it up on a gravel shoulder with traffic whizzing by...). On top of that, the front and rear tires are different sizes (dual rears) although the rims appear to be the same front to back. Any thoughts on this? Should I take a couple of spare wheel/tire combos and a bloody big jack? Roll the dice and take my chances? What do the RV folks do?
BTW, I own the truck, so I can't call Uhaul to rescue me, or AMA for that matter, as they don't service vehicles that large. Anything else I might need (other than the obvious underhood extras)? Thanks!
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