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CB Channel 13

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I guess this is the official Ram Jam 2 channel? Sounds fine to me (but it's not up to me)...
This work for everyone?
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i'm game!
works for me, I will use that channel all the way up to Ram Jam
sounds cool to me, but ill be on 19 til i get near the camp ground.

I'll probably be flippin back & forth between 13 & 19 too....
BTW if anyone gets bored w/the CB, head to Ch. 6. You'll hear people on that channel from hundreds of miles away, it's pretty cool.
the detroit area is such a great place to hear people skipping their signal. i remember hearing people from England.
13 works for me. Although I will be on 19 until I get there too.

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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