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I ordered one of the strip versions (7.5 psi) for my engine from Summit. Part number CRT-M6270.

Nice looking pump.

Installed it, and immediately had good fuel pressure, but after a few days of driving, I noticed the fuel pressure was dropping, and I now had a oil leak from the pump.

I checked it out, and the oil was coming from a vent hole on the top of the pump housing. Called Carter and the tech & I decided that the oil is hydraulically locking the pump valves and that is why the fuel pressure was dropping. He also said there was supposed to be a seal around the pump arm so that oil could not get to the vent port. He told me to return it. I did. Summit sent me a new one.

I put the new one on, and guess what...not even 50 miles later, it is doing the same thing. So I put the stock one back on, and look inside the housing on the carter pump....there is nothing to keep the oil from getting to that vent port....but more importantly, there is nothing to keep water & dirt from getting IN thru that vent port, and into the crankcase.

I sent both carter pumps back, and I am gonna try a holley pump this time.

I would not recommend using these pumps (strip version at least) because there is nothing to keep the oil in and bad stuff out.

I do not know if the street versions of the carter pumps also have this vent hole or not. It was the first pump I have ever seen with a vent hole for a SB chrysler, and I questioned it to begin I know.

You have been warned !!!!!!

I'm not sure if you could plug the vent hole or not to solve the problem. I don't see why you couldn't tho, since the housing is open to the crankcase, it won't see any pressure build-up.
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