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"Carnu-B" Car wax

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The product is:

"Carnu-B: Brazilian Carnuaba Formula"

This stuff comes in a 16 oz bottle, which has proven to be more than enough for at least 2 jobs on my RC, the first of which was the things first waxing in years, so it took several applications.
It works miracles. It took my faded, oxidized paint and restored it to nearly factory appearance. It does not have its orignial luster, but it is pretty close.
The wax is great stuff, and smells like bananas. I am extremely pleased with the stuff, even with the price.
After using this on my truck, I went ahead and used it on all the exterior windows (great), the bumpers (like new), my discus from track (beautiful) and a few other miscellaneous things. It really is great, and i must suggest that everyone buy a bottle or two. Perhaps Sam could contact the owner and see about buying a crate or something for distribution to those interested and who contribute.
I bought at a flea market locally, but it is available at
I love this stuff, and I hope it works for other people as well as it has for me.
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Wax? ???
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