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Carb to F.I.

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I am considering putting a 1988 3.9 into my 82 D150. As I have a complete donor truck for this, I would like to know what is involved and what I have to remove from the 88.
Another question......will the 3.9 bolt up to a small block tranny?
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yup it will bolt right in / you,ll need the gas tank and lines / the complete wire harness inside and out and the ECM
When you say the complete wire harness inside and out, why the inside?
Is the fuel pump in the tank?
Yep the pump is in the tank. You really only need the engine side of the harness, if you are running a non-overdrive tranny. If you are running the overdrive tranny you need the O/D switch in the cab and the wirring harness that goes to the tranny.
Excellent. Thank you. Non OD tranny.
White, have you done this procedure already?
Both my cousin and I are in the midst of a magnum swap. I am putting a '96 360 in my 86. and my cousin is putting a '99 3.9 in his '65 A100. I have the 360 running on a stand and the 3.9 is in the midst of a rebuild. I also have spent too much time repairing my '88 dakota with a 3.9.
Do you still have the tranny out of the '88 ? Cause I am looking for one for the Dak.
Oddly enough, that is the only thing wrong with the reverse. Just wanted to swap the little engine into a 4WD vehicle. Any tips or details would be appreciated. You can IM me if you want.
(need any other Dak parts?)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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