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Cant find D60 external Lockouts...?

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Well dynatrac F'ed me and its not possible to broach my lockouts to 35 spline.....Great... :mad: Already got the 35 spline stubs...

Anyway.........My lockouts are in ok condition, but incase i wanted to replace i cant find anything but Milemarker...And thats even kinda weord becaise they show the old style big fat round kind?

I have Warn now and would like to replace with Warn but they dont list them for my year on there website..

Remember i have EXTERNAL lockouts....My 60 is out of a 1985 D600......I find this so hard to believe since this is the style til 1990 when switched to internal...

Does anyone have any info?

link, picture, price....? :-\
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Superwinch has them, maybe mrpeal can get you a part number, I just had him order me a set. As far as I know only superwinch and milemarker are still made. Not sure about warn though. Or you can just try to find the selectros.
Ok....what do they run sam?
I'm not to up on this heavy duty stuff but you might need to Email Warn. This might be considered a "Non-Specific" application or Custom. From the Warn site....

ALL-ALL ALL (For Custom Applications; Dana 60 Axle w/35 Spline Outer Shafts; Front Only;) 62672

This place lists Milemarker and Warn.
Warn 38786
Milemarker 459SS

Good luck...Stevo
Chump..........I need for stock application....30 spline stubs...Not 35!
Try looking through this article, it does list a bunch of part numbers for hubs. the article is pretty long.
BigT said:
Ok....what do they run sam?
I bought Superwinch. They have a lifetime warranty. $150. So far, in 4.5 years, I have blown three. I kept my drive flanges to use as trail spares.
TN..........thanks for the info...Sam already gave me that part # which is Superwinch 400541...

I'm rebuilding mine now and hopefully wont need a new set but if i do atleast i know now.... ;D
I'm crushed! Sam beat me to it! :eek:

30 External
Warn Single hub 38428 Pair of hubs 38370

30 External Superwinch Single hub 400541

30 External Milemarker/Selectro Single hub 11034-01
OOOps...........Actually sam directed me to MR.Peal who gave me the part #..........Ok now i feel better ;D
Thank God you guys posted this stuff, I have been looking for more external hubs, and used selectro's have been the only thing I could come across.
Thanks for the info, I'm currently running one Warn and one Selectro (broke but cobbled together) the other warn blew apart on me last hunting season. I now do not have an excuse not to get a new set.
If anyone can verify the Warn part number/s and the Selectro number...please feel free to IM me or post on this thread so that we can post these part numbers in the Parts link. Thank you
I'm a great thread starter! ;)
Why didn't Dynatrac broach your hubs? Not enough metal around the splines? Did they recommend a specific brand that they would broach or did they not understand what work you wanted done in the first place?

Well just like every other place u need to do a job for u, they never seem to have the same story between differnt people...

Person A... Says yea we do it al the time, Person B...Says we cant do that thers not enough material to broach...Then he says ohhhhhhhhhh the other guy must have thought u said broaching a drive flange.......Jackasses........

So there u have it.....No 35 spline external lockouts made....

sucks huh?

What are you doing with the stub shafts you bought? You get rid of them yet or holding on to them for use with flanges?
he would need an enternal locking style hub to even use the flanges. Some external style hubs can be machined down to accept enternal lockouts, then you could use your 35 spline stub shafts.
BTN........I already sold the 35 spline stubs.. :(

From what everyone has told me i'm thinkin i wont have a problem with the 30's...I only plan on runnin 38's anyway.

Sam.....I have external hubs? I dont follow what your saying?
External hub flanges are out there (although tough to find) and even if a stock set couldn't be found for broaching, machining a set from scratch for 35 spline shafts wouldn't be hard, actually it would be a pretty simple process compared to other machining operations/fabrication I've done. I was a machinist by trade prior to joining the Corps. The only tough part would be finding a shop with the 35 spline broach but from BigT's work on the subject we know Dynatrac has a set.
Personally, I'm looking for the convenience and practicality of locking hubs since my truck has to get me it back and forth to work most days. My Jeeps are okay for short periods in nice weather but aren't very streetable for extended driving on the road. I've got a year and a half before I return to the States and rebuild my 60's. Maybe by that time someone will manufacture external 35 spline locking hubs.

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