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bulkhead connector wiring

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I have kind of a far stretched question. Does anyone on here have the wiring diagram for the bulkhead connector on an 88 rc? I have an 88 and an 84, and I was wondering how similar the connectors are. I have a haynes manual, but it leaves out the 85-88 bulkhead connector pictures. I have future plans of swapping the 88 body onto the 84 frame, and I would like to know if it would be possible to just plug in the bulkhead connectors. I know some things might be different, such as gauges and sensors and stuff, but is all of the important stuff such as Lights and ignition feeds in the same location?
Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated..
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I think it was Chump, put up pictures of the connector a while back. Hopefully he'll drop by with the answer.
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