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buildup 9.25 or go d44

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My plans over the next few months is to lift another 4" (8" total) with a shackle flip...with that driveshaft modifications (anyone have any luck without buying a new shafts??)
Re-gear and 38's following shortly after.
I can get a dana 60 w. 4.1 gears for $400. Would this be better than re-gearing my 9.25 which isn't much cheaper really.
I have the wifes blessings since she was expecting me to get a new truck in a couple of years...guess she thinks I'll still be happily involved in the RC...probably right.
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The upper limit for the 9.25 is about 38s, and you'll need to regear both axles. If you dig into the pumpkins, might as well add a limited slip or locker particulary in the rear. $400 is simply too much for a Dana 60. You can find rear axles in junk yards with 4:10s usually less than $100. Front axles are alot more expensive. You can keep it and fix it up, but you should make some changes. If you can't get a front Dana 60, at least go with a regular hub, Dana 44hd (8 lug axle) or swap the outers to 8 lug hubs. You won't gain any additional strength over what you got now, but you'll have better and bigger brakes for those big tires, and you won't need to carry two spares (One 5, one 8 lug)

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