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buildup 9.25 or go d44

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My plans over the next few months is to lift another 4" (8" total) with a shackle flip...with that driveshaft modifications (anyone have any luck without buying a new shafts??)
Re-gear and 38's following shortly after.
I can get a dana 60 w. 4.1 gears for $400. Would this be better than re-gearing my 9.25 which isn't much cheaper really.
I have the wifes blessings since she was expecting me to get a new truck in a couple of years...guess she thinks I'll still be happily involved in the RC...probably right.
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I don't know about FL but where i'm at there is a few places i can go in and get what i want. U-Wrench-It is the local place here and any rear axle is $85. I have seen a few Dana 60's i could of got for that price.
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