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Hey guys,
Haven't posted any questions in awhile cause the RC has been running really well. So this question is about the 2wd Mazda I have (an '89) that is losing brake fluid really fast (drained the resevoir in a week of sitting in one place). I'm guessing master cylinder since there is obviously been some leakage from between the master cylinder and the booster (paint is all bubbled). I've looked a little at the lines and I can't see any obvious other causes. After topping off the fluid the brakes were fine, but I don't really feel safe driving it knowing it leaks like that. Has anyone else had a master cylinder leak that much? any other ideas on what could be the problem?


The seal at the back of the master cylinder is probably leaking. Replace the master cylinder and bleed it and the brakes properly and you should be good to go.

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