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Borgeson Steering Shaft

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I was actually suprised to not see this already posted.

I decided on the borgeson steering shaft because I had heard many good things about them form many of the members of this site. I am not the slightest bit disapointed. the steering became nice and firm, there is no slop.

I highly recommend one, the install is nice and easy, just soak the push pin overnight.

the borgeson shaft is available at either:

do a search for part # brg-940

really made a very positive difference on my RC

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When i did the work on my truck, I also replaced the steering gear, the tie rod ends, drag link, ball joints, and rag joint, (few other things too, shocks, brakes, tires)

but I still do notice a difference with the borg shaft. on the highway it is pinpoint steering

I just read through the summit page and the borg pages and it doesnt mention anything about drive so i would imagine the shaft would also work on 2 wheel as well as 4 wheel.

Good luck

If you are just doing the shaft, then the R&R should only take about 1/2 a day.

Check out this how to:

borg does sell a rag joint

Actually the borg shaft i got is telescoping....

it should work on both applications, and will also fit with body lifted trucks..

1 - 6 of 50 Posts
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