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Borgeson Steering Shaft

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I was actually suprised to not see this already posted.

I decided on the borgeson steering shaft because I had heard many good things about them form many of the members of this site. I am not the slightest bit disapointed. the steering became nice and firm, there is no slop.

I highly recommend one, the install is nice and easy, just soak the push pin overnight.

the borgeson shaft is available at either:

do a search for part # brg-940

really made a very positive difference on my RC

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2wd and 4wd have different mounting locations for the gear box. The gear box is the same between the two, just mounted in different postitions.

When you do a crossover steering conversion, you move the gear box to the 2wd position, which is higher on the frame which make the shaft shorter.

I had a borgeson on an 80 trialduster. Put it on an 88 RC, but it was too long, so I cut it down. Went to put it on my 84 RC, but it was too short. I did the crossover steering conversion on the 84, and now the shaft fits perfect.

So I am not sure if the later model RC's came with the box already mounted in the 2x position or not, but it seems to be that way, since my 88 needed a short shaft that works exaclty the same when the box is mounted in the 2x position on my 84.

Best thing to do is give them your measurements from box to rag joint, or just measure your existing steering shaft end to end.
The one I have doesn't telescope either. You must of gotten the 2wd version.
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