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Borgeson Steering Shaft... *klunk*

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Hey got my Borgeson Steering Shaft in the other day. That thing is sweet, got the new rag joint and all for it. But now my steeing has a mild *klunk* once every 360 degrees or so. Is this a normal thing with the U-joint deal? Ummm I do got a 3" body lift if you guys need that tech info.
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I would check everything in the steering, drag link , steering box , bracket tie rods, but i gotta ask does this do it when your going back and fourth with the wheel and not moving
Haven't tried it when Im not moving but it never did it before I put the new shaft in.
Make sure you adjusted the length of the new shaft so you have enough play in it per the instructions. Also, make sure you drilled a good deep hole in the splines for the set screw to dig into. I have a Borg and mine does not clunk.
Thanks I'll check all that again.
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