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Borgeson 2 U-Joint steering shaft/rag joint coupler removal.

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Hey Mopar4x, I found info on Borgeson's site about the 2 u-joint shaft. Maybe you hand a hand in getting it listed.

Here is the info. You'll have to scroll to the bottom to see the part #.

So anyway, I went out and looked at my RC. I can see the splines that the rag joint coupler slides on, but what is the best way to remove the coupler? Does that pin that sticks out of the top pull out? It doesn't go all the way through on mine.

Here's a pic of my coupler (shaft has been removed).

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Thanks for all the info. I'll be getting mine after payday this week. ;D
cooper30 said:
Thanks for all the info. I'll be getting mine after payday this week. ;D
Oops, ordered it a couple days early. ;D
Well, the new shaft is in!! I was going to do a how-to (even took pics), then I found the one by Bose318. I "borrowed" his idea about the shock boot covering the u-joint by the steering gear box.

The only things I did differently were that I had to cut 4 inches off the shaft so it would fit, I had to drill a hole in the tubular part to atttach the upper u-joint, and I used a Dremel to create a flat spot in the splines for the set screws.

If anything, I think the 2 u-joint shaft is easier to install than the 1 u-joint/rag joint one.

I've got pics if anyone needs some info.

Here it is!!! (me so happy ;D)

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phoenix827 said:
Loooks good Coop!! My only problem with the boot is they same as on the shocks. They hold the dirt and junk IN next to everything. I like the nice little CLEAN thing on the truck tho! lol Seriously, it looks good. Even better, it looks STURDY!
I left the lower end of the boot loose so water and junk can get out. If I find that it's keping a lot of crap in, I'll just take it off.

And yea, it is way sturdier than the stock shaft. Just looking at the two side by side made me wonder what Dodge was thinking when they put them on.
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