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I need to know if the doors and front fenders off of a 1975 1/2 ton CAN be used on my 1982 Crewcab? I was thinking that all years from 73 to 93 are interchangeable...My front doors and front fenders on the Crewcab need to be replaced..THANKS for any feedback.. ;)
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I'll get the conversation started...I believe that you will have to look for parts from an 81-93. someone else here should know for sure. :)
I have seen this done. My friend had an 80's truck that somebody had put 70's fenders and grille in. I don't know what was involved, but given the history of the truck, I can't imagine much effort was put into it. It seems to me that some of the body lines didn't quite match, but you couldn't tell at a glance. The 70's had the wider wheel lips, so they look a bit different.
the fenders will fit everywhere except for the radiator support. the older fenders have a rounder front, but every hole lines up, front to back. the doors will fit, but the body creases are different. also the hood will not fit flush with the fenders. i need fenders for my 78, i can get these on the net for 68 bucks, but can't find the radiator support new anywhere.
i was wrong about the support. i found a good support from an 84 ramcharger. the fender holes line up perfectly. the older support has a different hood latch with a bigger hole for it. it also has bigger and farther spread out holes under the headlight cutouts. there are two grille screw mounts that are different. the support has them higher.
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