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Body Lift

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Does anyone know if a 2 or 3 inch body lift is enough to run 35's??
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I doubt it, usually you need around 5-6" suspension lift to get 35s under your truck, or you take the swazall and hack your fenders. 2-3" is usually enough for 33x12.5s only
Depends on how wide the tires are and what kind of backspacing you have. If you have pretty new springs and then add on a 3 inch body lift you could probably clear them. It would be tight, but would probably work.
It is all circumstantial, I hit with 33x12.5's on 10" wide wheels and 4" suspension lift. I also had the same tires on 8" wide wheels and didn't hit the fenders with no lift. You just got to do it to know for sure.
I'm running 33's (by 10.5's) on a factory rear block and REALLLLY saggy springs (negative arch) on front and have yet to nick them...
if you have a big truck then it will work, i had a '92 4Runner with only a 3" body lift on it and i had 37's with plenty of room.
Just completed the 4" roughcountry lift, and the 35X12.50 tires clear just fine on 8 inch rims. The 4" suspension lift cleared the 35" tire just fine, and I am now thinking about 37" tires with a 2" body lift. :)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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