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I just recently purchased a 1989 Dodge Ram 250 4x4 (auto). I am interested in getting a 3" OR 4" body lift for my truck despite being on a very limited budget. I know that a simple body lift kit is relatively inexpensive ($130.00 cheapest I've found), but my local (Southern, MD) truck shop wants between $500.00 - $700.00 in labor for putting the kit on. Thats almost as much as I've paid for the whole truck! Is this price way too high or an acceptable price for the installation?

Unfortunately, being near the city of DC, I do not know any good ol' boys that can install a kit at a good price. My mechanic say's that he can do it, but does not have the experience or the welder to do the job (assuming welding has to be done). I'm so desperate to get this lift on the truck that I've considered the ol' hockey puck lift. Anybody use the hockey puck lift with any success?

I'm hoping that someone might be able to refer me to someone who has experience in installing a body lift or might advise me on how much to pay for this job. I'm willing to travel to Maryland, Virginia, and some parts of Southern Pennsylvania in hopes of finally getting this installed.

Lastly, can someone please recommend a 3" or 4" kit for my truck that is inexpensive? This is just a old, hard riding, beat up truck that will be used for light hauling of stuff from Home Depot.

Thanks so much in advance for all of your help!
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