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Bill's 87RC, stripping out

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Making this a seperate post altho I mentioned it in Chapter wrenching,
The front end sheet metal, grill, radiator, etc are all out of the way, and the topside stuff is disconnected, I am almost ready to pull the motor,
QUESTION, would it be better to pull the auto trans with it? If not, does it need support when I seperate the two? I am thinking that the way it is mounted to the transfer case, maybe it doesn't need support?
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If you leave the tranny in, you will need to run a chain/strap under it to hold the front up. Yes, the tranny mount will help it from sagging as much as a 2wd without the skid plate mount, but yer saving a lot of stress on the mounts by chaining it up.
When I pulled the 440 out of my 78 RC, I supported the tranny. Once the engine was out I went to make sure the support was okay. It wasn't even holding up the tranny so I took it out. I installed the engine the same way with no problem, thats how it was on the 78, may be different on the 87, cause the numbers a backwards, JK ;D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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