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Ok, I got the project up and running. I have a 69' 383 block which I am currently rebuilding, and an 87' Dakota waiting for the drivetrain.
I just wondered if anyone knows of any good how to's on the Dakota big block swap. My memory needs refreshing on a few details.
I used to have a great site bookmarked, but I lost it and have not been able to find anything on several search-engines. :(

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10 Posts is good. Also, come on over to Our forum is mostly Dakota hot rod related. Couple guys on there have big blocks in their Dakotas already.


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Hybrid 1ton said:
92 dakota w/ 451(400), 727 ask any questions you might have.
Here are a few:
What type of radiator and fan setup are you running?
What are you running for a rear axle?
Are you running an electric pump and a regulator, or a mechanical?
Are you using 62-65 B-body manifolds or headers?
What did you do for wiring, how much and what of the dakota harness and vaccuum lines are needed?

What were any other problems you ran into?
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