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okay big block guru's - I have a question...

I'm using a SMR adapter to enable me to bolt up a 440 to a small block 46rh transmission. One of the required steps is to remove the driver's side lower ear to make room for a starter. I have already removed the ear but apparently I need to remove about a 1/4" more for the starter to clear.

My engine is a '78 440 casting, and I'm looking at the area and I can't see any adverse effects from going a 1/4" deeper into the corner area to make room for the starter.

My question is, do any of you (who are more familiar with the block castings than I am) have a solid reason why I 'cannot' do that? I was already way past 'rather not' when I cut the ear off in the first place...

...and honestly...I have to go deeper to bolt up the I guess I'm really looking for some reassurance there won't be any adverse effects.

Here's a pic of the remaining 'pad' area, and I've indicated where I need to remove a bit more material. There is about 1/2" of pad right there (to the side of the block/oil pan outer edge) and I can't see any reason why I couldn't go deeper...but I'd like a couple second opinions.

- Sam
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