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Big Block Bellhousing: Everything you've ever wanted to know...

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ok, now that i've got you here, switch gears from small block head gasket compressed thickness to big block 435 bellhousings. how easy are they to repair once cracked (4 inch stress fracture). Keep in mind I have never not been able to weld something.
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I don't believe they can be welded. At least not with any kind of welder found in the average garage. I'm not the world's greatest welder though. I would imagine BB bellhousings are getting pretty scarce so tossing it for another may not be the answer. Does the fracture extend into the mounting surfaces?
PG: the bellhousing is on ebay so I'm really not sure if about the extent of the fracture, or even its location. There are only two pictures of said item and I can't find a crack in either. But the seller does state that the outside of the bellhousing has been repaired but the inside hasn't. He also comments that it would be an "easy fix" to just repair the inside. It came off of a 69 charger r/t. Their (charger's) 4 speeds have the same bolt pattern as my 435, right? Its currently going for 10.something with three days left. I'd be willing to bid just to find out, but if its going to be a PITA, I'd just forgo it. Also, they are steel, around they? I'd imagine welding it wouldn't be that difficult.
A typical stock, not aftermarket, bellhousing is cast iron. Like I said, I'm not much of a welder, but I know cast iron needs to be pre-heated to fairly high temps before it can be brazed. Arc and mig won't work well, if at all. Probably not worth the shipping costs.

After thinking about it some, there are factory bellhousing made from cast aluminum. I don't know what Chrysler used on the Chargers.
damnit. if it were steel, I could learn how to braze. I'd go get some pieces of cast iron, break them, and practice before taking a crack at what would appear to be the only BB bellhousing left on the face of the earth. But the shipping would kill me.

On the other hand, if it were aluminum, the shipping would be pretty nice and the TIGing could be done by me.

Also, thinking about it, if the crack was repaired on the outside, and a mild 440 were going infront of the bellhousing, is there sincerely THAT much to worry about on the crack? If so, I'll have to cross that bridge when I come to it. I think I'm going to bid...

And PG, the shipping costs ARE worth this kids FIRST big block ever...
I'd forgotten about the mopar bellhousing being cast iron.. If you don't feel comfortabel welding it.. take it to a pro.. it's only a crack.. We had an aluminum bellhousing for the stock car welding back together.. for 5-6 pieces.. and that was going behind 600-700 HP on a dirt track. Look in you yellow pages for welders.. and ask them if they do cast iron..
Aaron Wyse
Hybrid 1ton said:
And PG, the shipping costs ARE worth this kids FIRST big block ever...
Good point. How are you with JB weld? ;D
awyseguy: I've been welding for a while now. I'm confident in my abilities to gas weld with cast iron rods if the situation should call for it but I'd really like to take a crack at cast iron brazing with some bronze rods. Like you said, its only a small crack and its been fixed from the outside. Honestly, I'd probably buy it and take a good hard look at the crack, throw some bubblegum on it, and call it fixed.
The bell housing on one of my chevy's (turbo 350, full time 203 tcase) tranny was cracked and welded by my buddy (previous owner of the truck). No problems. Thats on a aluminum ( or POT METAL ??which is like a mix of all the alloys in the pot) housing, welded on the outside only I think.
i'm going to bid and just see what happens. worst case scenario, I could turn it into a mean ass helmet....
Unless it is a dual-bolt pattern(A833&435) it won't fit.
Taken to the right people,cast-iron can be welded..........
If your looking at Ebay #2464572459,this Not work unless it is a 2wd your putting a car 4speed in. I have pics of the one you are looking for if your need a reference(not for sale). As of this minute,I didn't see any on ebay that would fit a truck.
mav: a picture would DEFINATELY help if you could throw it up here. I'll print it out and carry it around with me everywhere I go.
I'll send you some in the morning.......
Hey maverick: I was just checking out that bellhousing on ebay and it would almost appear as though there were 8 holes on the trans-to-bellhousing flange, four for one style trans and four for another. Am I off-base here?
Hybrid 1ton said:
That doesn't look like mine. My 435 mounts to the bellhousing with four bolts that are much closer together vertically. Something like 3 1/2 inches apart measuring up and down.
No, this will not take an np435. This is far an 833 tranny. You can buy the big block np bellhousings new from lakewood, and they allow you to mate to an np435 or an nv4500, so down the road you can swap in the 5 speed.
The upper bolt pattern is for a truck trans..........


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maverick: sell me your BELLHOUSING!
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