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BEWARE: Isreals transmitions

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If you're ever runnin thru Las Vegas and have the unfortunate trans problem, DO NOT use Isreal Transmission. My 727 in my 75 PowerWagon was rebuilt by them, and it took then 7 tries and advice from our own mrpeal to get the trans livable. In the mean time, they broke one of the hard lines and patched it with fuel line and hose clamps. I didn't find this out until I was stranded after the hose split and dumped all my fluid out at speed. Crawled under the beastie to discover this, and my neutral safety switch wasn't plugged in. In fact one of the pins was broken off the switch. They had cut the wires from the plug and patched them together to make the truck start. Now it starts in any gear and I don't have reverse lights. The list goes on but you get the idea. Beware!!!
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