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Best rust busting fluid

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What is the best penitrating fluid that is out there? I've used Bust it and that works pretty good, and also wd 40, but what other ones are good too?
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Thanks, I think I'll try the PB blaster. Does autozone or napa carry either of those?
Thanks again guys, I went out and bought a couple of cans of the pb blaster from the zone, hopefully its as good as you guys say it is because it wasn't cheap.
$6 a can{bigeyes} I guess $4 a can aint that bad anymore. It just seems high to me because I've never actually bought anything like that before. Closest thing would be brake cleaner and thats cheap.
I plan on doing that, the truck is out of town, just a little bit south of my fiancee's, so when I'm on my way up to my fiancees tonight after work I"m going to stop and just soak it with that stuff and let it sit overnight. Then I'll come back tomorrow and start beating on it.
1 - 5 of 34 Posts
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