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Bent crossover Bar

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O.k. I bent the bar that connects the right side of the steering to the left side of the steering. It is bent forward towards the front of the truck on the drivers side. Question. Can I take it off and straighten it out and put it back on? If I do what can i expect to be a problem if any. I see the nuts with the pins through them. Do I need any special tools for this fix? Need some quick answers too because I gotta drive the truck this weekend to do a cleanup in our local bational forest.
Thanks in advance ya'll
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Are you talking about the tube with the tie rods on the end? If so buy a new one. I think Napa has them for about $60.

Think what it does to alignment and your steering. Not good.

yeah that the one its only sixty bucks??
im gonna call napa right this minute
You can drive with it temporary, but don't waste time trying to straightning it. I ain't gotta explain that metal becomes weak when you bend it. If you straighten it, it's will eventually bend again

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