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Nobody is melting down my friend, I just don't have time to argue with sheep that are trapped in the matrix.
If you don't have time, how come you keep starting these discussions....over and over again, asking the same questions you have already asked.....over and over again?

Your idea that the reason we see the same stars is because the solar system is moving with us is ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT
Lol! What I speak of is basic elementary school science...and it is obvious that this confuses you because you already got my statement wrong. It looks like you do not understand what the solar system is! LOL!

but you can't and won't see that so I just let you believe the lie. It's IMPOSSIBLE that the stars move with us because HOW?!?! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!? ARE YOU SAYING THAT THE STARS SPIN ON EARTHS AXIS ALSO?!?
OMG, is Canadian english different than American?....'cuz you didn't get anything right based on what I said.

Let me ask you this.....

Do you know what the solar system is?
Do you know what a galaxy is?

According to Satan - er, I mean science, everything spins on its OWN AXIS and everything spins at different speeds so Einstein, how is it we see the same stars that copernicus saw hundreds of years ago?!?
Let's count the different spins and speeds shall we!
1. Earth's spin on its axis - 1000 mph
2. Solar system spin around the sun - 67,000 mph
3. Galaxy spin - 130 miles per second
So 3 different spins at breakneck speeds and yet we still see the same sky day after day since the beginning of time?!?
Science even admits that everything in space is IN MOTION!!! So if EVERYTHING in space is in motion HOW IS IT that the stars never move/change?!?
See this is a waste of my time because I already know that YOU will find a way to answer it and make cookies out of dog shit. are incapable of understanding this grade school level stuff, and as I said, it sounds like you do not know what our solar system is and what a galaxy is.

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Whatever you say Cliffy.

Hey RCCADMAN! Laser test! Are you in? Let's do it! I want to put this to rest once 'n for all. What do you say? Shall I PM you?
261 - 262 of 262 Posts