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Beginning to think I can't let her out alone

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See the bit about the converible in a ditch last month. This time it was a @[email protected]* on the PA turnpike.
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Yes, that is a 9mm.

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Jesus man, what the F. I hope she’s okay & makes a full recovery. What a damn shame the world we live in.
This happens in washington too. Couple guys that work where I work were driving to work one morning and had two cars drive by and shoot at them. This is why I carry in my car now. I can shoot back.
Just filed my concealed application earlier this month
Definitely keep us updated with his trial and all if you can. I wanna see how well it boils over for him.
Reading your GF's story makes me think easy gun access in not a good thing. Freedom is one thing but it should be limited to those who are mentally responsible and capable of dealing with stress!
Shooting someone when you're upset or getting revenge for a silly thing is totally unacceptable! Punishment for such crime should be much higher as a lesson for others who might like to follow!

Good that she's OK, all the best and I hope she recovers soon.
In America there is so many loopholes to own a gun if you’re mentally unstable. From what I understand, in some states, you can have severe anxiety, depression, PTSD, whatever it may be but as long as you were not court ordered to a mental institution, you can purchase a firearm.
anxiety, depression, PTSD, whatever, Do any of those make a person suicidal? homicidal? Should we take guns away from every cop and soldier that gets PTSD? there would be nobody left. I know a doctor that has severe PTSD, he has to leave town before any fireworks event, but otherwise does fine.But even when the fireworks go off, he hides, far from going out with a gun and killing people.
Not all one case is the same. I personally know a guy who spent some time in an institution after having a brain tumor removed. He became aggressive and diagnosed with all kinds of crazy stuff. Years later he has a ton of guns. I love the right to own guns but I think it’s far too easy to have one but that is our right after all.
That YouTube video pissed me off. Fuck this guy.
I’m curious to what the plea is. Can’t be too great for trying to kill somebody.
Nevertheless, still hoping for a felony & a decent conviction which I’m positive will happen. Felony alone is enough to ruin someone’s life who works a 9-5 and doesn’t have enough skills to be their own boss.

Shooting someone is a big deal. I hope they factor in the mental trauma that follows it. No one just gets shot and brushes it off.
Definitely looking forward to that 40 years since serious injury was inflicted. Didn’t know PA doesn’t differentiate attempted/homicide but it’s damn near the same thing, the intent to do so was there so it makes sense.
So they emphasized the bird? I have hope justice will be served.
I was recently thinking about this. Glad things are moving along. Hope his punk ass goes to prison sooner than later.
Least birds you can do a bit with. I will never understand having spiders, snakes, and other dangerous reptiles as so called pets. In Pa, the girl down the street had a pet tarantula, She would carry it around the block, in a little container.
I know someone with a snake. They feed it dead mice. Comes in a frozen package, you have to defrost first. Apparently if you feed them live mice they are much more aggressive.
1 - 12 of 147 Posts