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Beginning to think I can't let her out alone

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See the bit about the converible in a ditch last month. This time it was a @[email protected]* on the PA turnpike.
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Yes, that is a 9mm.

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Intense stuff. Hope it all works out in the end man. Remember to be calm and methodical at all times because rage causes mistakes.
All by design. They want to break society so they can reshape it in their likeness. Ever seen the movie - Demolition Man?
Staying busy helps to keep PTSD at bay. My ex had a bout with PTSD after a serious car accident and I found keeping her busy with tasks helped her quite a bit. I tried not to let her mope around the house. She's totally fine now thankfully but it took a few years. I think your girl will pull through, it just takes a little time 馃憤
1 - 3 of 147 Posts