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Beginning to think I can't let her out alone

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See the bit about the converible in a ditch last month. This time it was a @[email protected]* on the PA turnpike.
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Yes, that is a 9mm.

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Sad to hear. Glad the GF and the bird are ok. Hope they both recover in record time.
OK WAIT A HOLD IT!!! How did I end up with a Brit Flag being from WA state?
Sorry, you will have to move now.

It is based off the location you log in from. Looks like you may be using a VPN, that shows you from England. Next week you will be form Zamboanga.
I doubt I could remain civil in the same circumstances. And doubt anyone can honestly say they could.

We will continue to keep you both in our rayers.
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The struggle [to remain civil] is real.
So is the "Need" to remain civil. Hang in there my friend. We are all praying for your strength, and a speedy recovery for both. Hopefully this is the worst thing you two ever have to go through in life.
In America there is so many loopholes to own a gun if you’re mentally unstable. From what I understand, in some states, you can have severe anxiety, depression, PTSD, whatever it may be but as long as you were not court ordered to a mental institution, you can purchase a firearm.
anxiety, depression, PTSD, whatever, Do any of those make a person suicidal? homicidal? Should we take guns away from every cop and soldier that gets PTSD? there would be nobody left. I know a doctor that has severe PTSD, he has to leave town before any fireworks event, but otherwise does fine.But even when the fireworks go off, he hides, far from going out with a gun and killing people.
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Thats the issue, how do you decide who we should take that right from. I know plenty of eccentric people, that many would say are crazy, but most I would trust to have my back if needed. Funny how we want our cops, and soldiers to do many things no one else will to protect us, then when they fart wrong, we want to say they are crazy. Yes, they have to be crazy to keep doing what is needed, but that does not make them homicidal.

Even shrinks have a hard time deciding what the line should be set at to decide if someone may harm themselves or others.

Sad fact is, most of the killings on our streets are done by folks who are already prohibited from owning a gun. Very few are done by a person with mental issues. We do not need to make more rules, just enforce the ones we have on the books.
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A little higher, a little lower, or a little to the right, could have been a totally different ending. Even if he had used his car instead of a gun as a weapon, could have been ugly. What is it about rage in America these days?

I have seen shit go bad real quick on the highways. Road rage seems to come from unlikely events, just crazy. Thats the shit I would expect to see from DC to NYC, Not in monroeville.

I'm curious as to why he turned the camera off when the search began.
Yea, it was just getting good.
I will not, or cannot understand mental illnesses. But I don know some of the symptoms. Felon boy, somewhat, The guy that ran down the folks at the parade, and the kid in Michigan that shot the school, fit what I know about Paranoid schizophrenia. The age of onset is usually late teens, to late 20's. I do not understand it enough to say if I feel they should be jailed, or hospitalized. Just tossing this out there to ask you to keep a somewhat open mind.

I do think it is wrong that we closed down the state hospitals (mental hospiatls), and expect the people to live with the rest of us, and let them reproduce.
You are holding up good, I would have a hard time holding back.
He has a lawyer, not a public defender? Interesting.
Does PA have a crime victims fund to help pay for stuff like that? I thought they did, but that is over 12 years now.

Here, I found the link.

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Until YOU learn how to deal with this, it will continue to consume your life. Please fix your self, then you can fix your girl. Despite what you think of me, I still think of you as a friend, and will keep praying that you survive this.
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Careful what you wish for. It could be a jury of His peers.

Looks like you are starting to enjoy those birds. :ROFLMAO:
Least birds you can do a bit with. I will never understand having spiders, snakes, and other dangerous reptiles as so called pets. In Pa, the girl down the street had a pet tarantula, She would carry it around the block, in a little container.
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