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bb cam help

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i wanna get a cam and lifter set for my 74 400 and i need a idea for one. its in a 87 d100. any ideas would be great
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Go to the Hughes website. www. I have the HE 1423 hydraulic cam in my 440. The cam has been in for 25k miles now. My ratings for this cam, (for what I was looking for) would be nearly a 10 out of 1-10 scale. Vehicle is a 1983 RC 4x4. Cam passes emissions easily. Has great vacuum, 14 psi at idle with the AC on, 16 psi with the AC off. Driving down the freeway at 75 mph if you let off of the gas, the vacuum guage goes to 24 psi. This is excellent for the power brakes. The vehicle starts easily in the AM, and idles smoothly at 800 rpm. The engine will easily run past 4500 rpm with this cam. Not that I need to go to that level often with a 440. Desktop Dyno rates my combo at 499 ft./lbs at 2000 rpm, and 364 HP at 4500. Hughes has upgraded their cams so the HE 1423 has now becoome the HE1523. See my profile for engine build data. HE1423 is 214 degrees intake @ .050" and 223 degrees exhaust at .050" lift is .470" and .504" very high rate of lift. Made for the .904" Chrysler lifter.
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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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