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ball joints

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my ball joints on my 89 ramcharger need to be changed and i was wondering if i could do it my self or should i send it to a shop to get it done if u have already had it done how much did it cost??
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The ball-joint removal tool is available for loan at Autozone for free (maybe other chains as well). It is definitely worth having...makes life much easier for both removal and install.
You'll see when you buy a set of upper Balljoints that they come with special 'nut' that has threads on the outside and is tapered on the inside. You screw it into the knuckle, slide the upper ball joint through it, then torque it down to spec. This makes sure that the ball joint is nice and snug. The following will show you a good picture of what the 'nut' and socket tool look like.
Ditto what other's said, if you're going to do a job like this than do it right otherwise it would be a total waste.
(3 hours??) The press will get them out easily in 5 minutes with nothing more than a 20" breaker bar. Use the right adapter and remember the joints get pressed from the top down. Sounds like maybe you're working in the wrong direction.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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