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ball joints

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my ball joints on my 89 ramcharger need to be changed and i was wondering if i could do it my self or should i send it to a shop to get it done if u have already had it done how much did it cost??
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Yeah, get the preload socket. They put that adjuster in the upper ball joint for a reason.
Don't skimp on the ball joints either. I bought some cheaper ones and 3 of the 4 wore out in the first 9 months!
auwing said:
I dont see this peload deal in my service manual for my 83 rc what am i missing? Getting ready to do this
My 86 FSM doesn't show any pictures of it either, it just mentions it in the description in "removal" and "installation".
Due to manufacturing tolerences of the tapered studs on the ball joints and the tapered holes on the yoke, and the fact that the knuckle and the yoke are fixed lengths, you need to be able to compensate for these differences.
The preload adjuster evens up the load so each ball joint does its share. If the adjuster wasn't tight enough, the lower ball joint would be required to hold more than its share of the weight. If it was too tight, the upper would be carrying more weight.
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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