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Hi, new to the site. Wanted to post this for anyone with a Ram 1500 4x4 that has the Dana 44 front axle.
If your ram makes a rrree rrree sound when turning, your lower balljoint is DRY. These joints did not come with a grease fitting installed...There is room, and let me tell ya that replacing the joint is only a temporary fix if you do not install a grease fitting and fill with grease. I installed a new set in my 2000 Ram (UPPER & LOWER). Prior to installing the lower, I drilled/ tapped(13/64 bit & 1/4x28 tap) the center of the joint for a fitting. Because I already knew the joint had failed do to it being dry(had been listening to it for miles). After drilling the hole I inspected the inside and found zero lube inside!! At the most there was what the assembler wiped on the bearing surface only. This is why these joints keep failing. Save yourself a lot of money and have your mechanic remove the axle and install a fitting. I used a 90 degree drill attachment on the otherside instead of removing the joints. A Flex shaft (avail. @ HOME DEPOT) will also work. Be sure to drill as close to center as possible so as not to hit the bushing material. I use a 13/64 drill bit, 1/4x28 tap and regular zerk(grease fitting). If you use a 90 degree drill attachment save yourself some hassle cut the bit down to about 1" long and drill a pilot hole with a same length bit....Pump it full of grease( be sure to use the good stuff for these joints MOPAR CHASSI is good stuff.
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