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baby tonka

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88' Ramcharger 2wd
3" body lift, 33 mud kings


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Got Any more pics? thats a sweet lookin RC.

How much clearance you have with that 3" and 33's combo?
He's got barely any clearance. We had to bend back the fenders some. His new toy that we are building will be sweeter.
rear bumper of little tonka


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dont tell me barly lol 3" lift is cheaper than 4" lift. Anyway its still a pretty sweet truck
now that's a bad a** bumper! nice RC you have there! :D
Weg said:
dont tell me barly lol 3" lift is cheaper than 4" lift.
and then there is the price difference between 3" body and 4" suspension lift ;D
His truck in only a 2wd so we could only do a body lift. The new play toy that we are building is 4wd.
ya i noticed he said Body AFTER i posted the post lol
this is his baby tonka and my grey beast in the background


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Maybe you oughta call it the curb killer instead of baby tonka Carlos. This guy hits about 8 or 9 curbs a day. I think that he needs to take his drivers ed classes again.
those are some awesome bars on the fronts of those trucks!!!i also like the rear bumper on the tonka. awesome!!!

Thanks I made all the bumpers. The bumpers on the baby tonka used to be on my truck when I was in High School. About 5 years ago I built the other bumpers on the grey beast. Check out my bumpers on my RC on my website. I've got a large tire rack on the back of mine.
i know, i can piss of ramman by buying a rice burner. ha ha ha. i'm going to repaint the baby tonka in next summer. same silver, not OD green like my buddy ramman wants it to be. 86" ram is going to be nice forest green, not like floresent orange like ramman wants it again.
Tsk, tsk, tsk. Jealosy will get you nowhere little latindodge. The baby dodge will just get smaller and smaller. I ain't gonna help you with the other truck if you keep that sh$! up. Children!
And no brown nosing either. I know the saying, '' A red nose will get you on Santa's sleigh, but a brown nose will get you anywhere". That ain't gonna cut it.
big words from a small man.... i will never salute him...ha ha ha
I'de be careful boy. That's punishable under UCMJ. It's an article 23 I think. I could recommend to the BC that you don't go to AC because maybe you don't have enough integrity or honor.
awesome much extra weight you got with all that steel ?
The front bumper weighs about 250 pounds. It's 4 inch schedule 40 pipe for the bumper and 1 1/4 inch schedule 80 drill stem for the brush guard. The rear bumper is about 180 maybe 200 pounds. It's 4 inch schedule 40 pipe with 1/2 inch plate for the reciever hitch. I built both of those bumpers when I was in high school. The rear was built in 94 and the front was built in 97. I traded both bumpers (which were just gathering dust and rust) for a modified spyder paintball gun.
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