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Axle flip too much?

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I finally bolted the axle under my truck frame. I have an 8 3/4 replacing an 8 3/8 and I have flipped it on top of my leaves. This truck is sitting VERY VERY low and it is still a bare frame with no body on it. I plan to drive the truck every day and tow with it, I think I have gone too low!

Can someone with an assembled truck that has an axle flip give me a measurement of how high the frame is off the ground at the front spring perch (just for a common point) and also give what tire size is on your truck so I can figure out how big of a mess I have? I think this setup is too low. I may be shopping for a third axle for this truck! HELP!!
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i did a 67 dodge the same way and ended up using a set of used 4" lift rancho springs and some longer shackles that i found at the swap meet. it rides lower and way smoother(?) than any truck i've ridden in.
LoFrontier used bags on his ride. if u were towing, thats what i would use too.

Do a rear shackle flip using the front rear spring hanger, that'll give you about 4" of lift I think, which might make it a little better.
Thanks, but I have welded those brackets to the frame. I guess my overkill killed me. I think I am going to put the axle back under the springs, and either have the springs de-arched, use longer shackles, or pull a couple of leaves and use bags as well. I think I have it too low. I am planning to put the body back on the frame to test height. Can anyone give me a measurement of how low the front spring hanger is on their lowered truck? I still want to know how screwed I am.
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