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I took my old goat out to play in the mud/river yesterday and got her sunk up pretty good in some water(river). When I got her home I figured I should take the hubs out and check for water, well there was plenty of it so I cleaned and greased up everything. What really stumped me was the hubs, from what I can tell they don't really do anything. What I mean by this is that they have no disengagement. I'm not real familiar with my 86 w250 yet so I'm not sure how the 4 wheel drive system operates. My 84' w150 w/automatic hubs had a spring system that engaged/disengaged the hubs. It seems to me that having to turn the front end all the time wouldn't help out your mileage any. Is there some kinda vacuum system that engages the 4 wheel drive on these trucks. If there is I would like to ditch it because I just don't trust them.
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