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Auto Meter Gauge Pod

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Apparently auto meter decided to realize dodge made trucks before 1994 and started making piliar pods but didnt tell anyone. PN.#15198 is for a dual pod unit they also make a single unit .They are desined to hold any 2 1/16 " gauge the hardest part will be routing the wires/hoses ,depending weither you use electric or mechanical.Mine required slight trimming on the back side to match my trim ,the included hardware to mount it I didnt care for and decided to use 3m adhesive fome tape instead.I got mine from summit (they had it in stock) price was 24.95 ckeck autometer for applacation
go to gauge works on page 25 for list,and they only come in black you will need to dye it to match your interior
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I also have the dual pod, and i like how there are in eye's view at all times without having to look away from the road.

There are pics in the truck section
dodge88 said:
I have looked into these before. The only problem I had was that I would like to have a tach in there. Tach's that are 2 1/16th are friggin expensive, considering that a 3" diameter tach can be had for around 30 bucks, while these smaller ones were upwards of 80 dollars. However, if there was a way to remove the ammeter and engine temp guage from the stock cluster, and add a tach, I think that would work out well. I just don't like the idea of mounting a tach on top of the dash. Would obstruct the view to me.....

Randall look at the picture of my trucks interior, you'll see where i mounted my tach it's in perfect view that your eyes never leave the road and it's right there
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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