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Attention 89 ramcharger

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Been trying to send you an IM, but apparently it won't work because you have a space in your user name. You got an Email address you can be reached at?
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Nevermind I found it in your user profile. Drop me an IM anyway and lets see if it works for you to send me a message. I'll have to Email you tomorrow.
Trenton was telling me that the only way you can fix this is if you deleted your user profile and started over without the space in the middle. (example: 89ramcharger, or 89_ramcharger)
Of course you would lose all your old posts, so there's the down side. :-\
I changed my username today to 89_ramcharger.
Cool. Welcome aboard. We should go wheeling as a group some time. ;D
Sounds cool to me. I'm ready to start spending more time in the mountains. I'ts been a while for me.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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