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ARB air locker : i bought this when it 1st came out but they are much cheaper now.

I put the ARB in the front for reasons that having a locked rear in front is not good when your not in dry rock situations, a locked rear in snow can get you into a bad situation, and the same goes for a muddy trail that is off camber since it won't allow for a turn, and allow the front to constantly slide the way you don't want it to, but when turned off it allows everything you couldn't do when locked so that's why a selectable locker such as ARB in the front is good.
I have never had a problem with it, and when the going gets tough hit 2 switches, and another wheel starts working and that can also be a big help or decide if you walk or drive out.
Install is much more complicated on this than disc brakes or the splitter, it requires special tools, drilling and in my case a ever so slight grind on the side of the bearing cap, if you know what your doing with rears your looking at 5 to 6 hours taking it easy
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