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anyone with 440 please reply

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Im trying to put the engine mounts on my 440 so i can put it in my truck. the only problem is i dont know if they go on the inside or the outside of the holes. when looking at the passenger side of the engine, is the rearmost part of the mount on the inside of the two sections that stick out from the motor? or is it on the outside and to the back? Im not going to be near my computer so if you can look please call my cell phone at 1580) 515-4173 i wont take up but a minute of your time and it would be most appreciated, as im trying to get this engine in today and thats what im going to be doing when you call..

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That is a good question. Unless you are putting the same motor or similar year motor back in is hard to say. I've seen them both way and not always the same from side to side. Also different years have different mounting holes on the blocks. I've even had to use washers to space the brackets to the block. The engine craidle on the truck where the mounts go has changed over the years. Best way to tell ya is just to try different combos until you get the best looking fit.

P.S. The way the bracket are made makes them look bent or off just a little but they are really not, they flex a bit. I've seen them from 0" to 3/4" off but thats the way they came.
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